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We are Margaret Sherry and Cathy Lewis and our company is Sherry Lewis Kits Limited. Together, we'll be bringing you an exclusive range of brand new kits based on Margaret's wonderful illustrations. Our kits are cute, cuddly and quirky, but most of all they are fun to stitch and look gorgeous!

Meet Margaret…

Having produced artwork to be charted into cross stitch for over 15 years, I have now teamed up with Cathy to design exclusively under the Margaret Sherry brand. Our aim is to create just what cross stitchers love to stitch!

Understanding the joy of stitching helps the inspirational process. Humour, expression and emotion are intrinsic ingredients of the characters and our kits are designed to reflect this.
I love my work, although to call it work is wrong! Drawing, painting and creating characters is a true joy. The creative process continues every day, and my life revolves around deadlines, accounts and the occasional article.

After university I produced illustrations for childrens’ books, advertising, greetings cards, rubber stamps, stickers, cross stitch and magazines. I am often asked how I achieved success in such a competitive area; the secret is to be persistent, have vast energy and enthusiasm along with a love of relentless hard work! Also, the ability to draw whatever you are asked to produce is essential – and in double-quick time!

Many years ago I made the decision to become a freelance illustrator forming a limited company. I wanted to manage my own time, and to fit an exhausting family and social life around ‘work’. If I want to weed the garden all afternoon and paint until 3am there is no one to say otherwise!

…and Cathy

I’ve worked in the stitching industry for over 15 years as the editor of various crafts magazines, and now I’ve teamed up with the wonderfully talented Margaret. It’s the icing on the cake!

I’ve always loved making things. Being creative is never dull – the only limitation is your own imagination. As a child I dabbled with tapestry, embroidery and cross stitch. I knitted my own jumpers and made my own clothes. If there were wools, fabrics or threads in the house I’d squirrel them away until I could decide what to make out of them. My idea of heaven was a box of coloured felt. Making things was, and still is, a source of joy.

Starting a business with Margaret is an exciting new venture for me. We have endless ideas and boundless ambition for our kits. We want each one to be unique and special, to look great, raise a smile and to give many hours of pleasure in the making.
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